N° 15


People, like trees, put out branches in their lives

Trees, with their branches and roots, grow relentlessly, ignoring whatever man has built around them to limit them. This is also how mankind's ideas branch out, echo and expand, creating strong, real impacts on our everyday lives, profoundly influencing the environment, the economy and society. Our ideas bring to life new experiences, products, and even new lifestyles.

In this issue we are exploring the creation of an innovative library that spreads the concept of sustainability and allows people to borrow objects, launching a concrete example of a circular economy. Environmental photography, when it is done with research, is able to reach the public as a direct message from nature to us. 

Care relationships are strengthened by art workshops that grow out of business to become a tool for therapy in hospitals.
When we observe tourism, we can see that it has historically developed and changed following the historical and cultural context of society. In recent years, a new type of holiday has come about, in search of more engaging experiences that are respectful of local communities; this is how slow, spread-out tourism is being incorporated into the habits of more and more people, allowing small local businesses to preserve and promote their identity, creating authentic hospitality structures that are appropriate for the local context, to host tourists and guests. These and many other stories of sustainability branching out form the canopy of this issue.

Living in harmony with nature and the environment means seeing ourselves as an integral part of it, understanding that we respond to the same fundamental factors that control the evolution of other species, on which our lives depend.

Our chance of health, wellbeing and survival depends in large part on how we modify our habits and lifestyles and manage our existence in cities over the years to come.
The great prospect, opportunity and challenge set by the climate change that is already taking place is to integrate ourselves more and more with animals and plants and value public spaces as social meeting places, making ourselves into citizens of a vast ecosystem. A collective call to branch out in our different personal experiences, to improve and preserve life.

Monica Vecchi
nature and
The virtuous eclecticism of cork

Versatile and recyclable, cork proves to be an ecological hero: from insulation to fashion icon, it transforms spaces and styles in a natural way.

Stefano Mancuso's cities of the future

Stefano Mancuso, with his book 'Phytopolis', invites us to imagine cities inspired by models that already exist in nature.

My life in nature

An introspective journey through Isacco Emiliani's lens: from the quiet of the arctic to the nocturnal silence of Romagna's ancient trees.

food and
The social henhouse network

Adopting a hen in the social henhouse is an initiative that combines ethics, environmental sustainability and social integration.

Speak as you eat

A journey into the history of the Italian language, where food and words are woven together, nourishing the identity and essence of our rich national culture.

Roots and Horizons: Caviro's journey through the country

Caviro puts sustainability initiatives into action, interweaving culture, community and innovation in a journey of progress and collective wellbeing.

Tactical urbanism: an art attack in the city

Art and tactical urbanism transform grey spaces into vibrant meeting places, promoting collective wellbeing.

Insuring the future: the ramifications of risk

In an era of change and great challenges, insurance policies must adapt, promoting sustainability and new lifestyles.

LEILA: dreams travel from one hand to another

We enter the world of Leila, where shared objects renew a sense of community, and the value of reuse slows down consumerism.

Sharing the environment: biophilia

Biophilic design transforms spaces, promoting humans' reconnection with the environment, for more healthy, harmonious living.

From ceramics to pottery therapy

The Lene Thun Foundation uses pottery to bring hope and joy to hospitalised children, blending art with treatment.

The luxury of artistic restoration: Cedä M

Cedä M transforms an ancient home into a haven of sustainability and art, triggering conscious tourism.

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